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About This Site

Phat Code has two purposes. The first is to house my current and completed projects, programs, and articles. The second is to provide quality resources for hobbyist and oldskool game and demo programmers. You will find only the best games, utilities, libraries, and tutorials here.

I did not create this site to make money. There are no stupid banner ads or annoying popups. All my programs are free, and most of them are open-source.


More About This Site

Before Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Wordpress, and Wikis...we made our own damn websites. In the snow. And we liked it.

I wrote all the code for the entire site, including the forum and database, in 2003-2005. Altogether, there are over 15,000 lines of PHP.


About Me

I'm not that important.



If you need to contact me about anything, just shoot an email to You can also use the form below to send a quick message. (It will be emailed to the same address.)

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