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Name Author Description OS Updated
Designing Arcade Computer Game GraphicsAri FeldmanAn introductory to intermediate level book about designing arcade computer game graphicsDOS
Apr 2008
Why Divide by Z?ToshiHow to draw your 3D world on a 2D screenDOS Mar 2005
Programming the VGA RegistersBooneShort register tutorial with referenceDOS Mar 2005
Graphics Programming Black BookMichael AbrashAwesome book written by the master of code and graphics optimizationDOS Mar 2005
Alpha Blending TutorialToshiCovers alpha blending (aka "translucency") techniquesDOS Mar 2005
3D Series Chapter 5: LookatRelDescribes the fast alternative 3D "LookAt" transformDOS Mar 2005
3D Series Chapter 4: MatricesRelExamines matrices and their applicationsDOS Mar 2005
3D Series Chapter 3: VectorsRelA detailed look at vectors and their applications in 3D graphicsDOS Mar 2005
3D Series Chapter 2: RotationsRelRel explains 3D rotationsDOS Mar 2005
3D Series Chapter 1: ProjectionRelRel explains why and how to use rotationsDOS Mar 2005
Zed3DSébastien LoiselCompact reference for 3D graphics programmingAll Mar 2005
Circle-Triangle Intersection MethodThe_Grey_BeastAlgorithm and pseudocode for detecting circle/triangle intersectionsAll Nov 2006


Name Author Description OS Updated
VGADOCFinn ThøgersenCollection of programming information for various (S)VGA adaptersDOS Mar 2005
VGA Programmers Master Reference ManualAndrew ScottLengthy VGA reference based on the Trident 8900DOS Mar 2005
VESA BIOS Extension (VBE) StandardsVESAOfficial VESA VBE standards for accessing SVGA hardwareDOS Mar 2005