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Name Author Description OS Updated
Wetspot II lilloCuby and Coby are back in this awesome block-pushing sequelDOS Apr 2006
Wetspot lilloKill the monsters by pushing blocks in this original "crabby" gameDOS Mar 2005
ShellShock Xec96Explosive smooth-scrolling vertical shooterDOS Mar 2005
Percussor TMBFast-paced vertical shooterDOS Mar 2005
Cyclone SV ReanimatorChallenging helicopter search-and-rescue gameDOS Mar 2005
Ball Blazing Fantasy Lachie DazdarianRetro arcade game where the player controls a ball featuring two games in one, Ball Blaze and The QuestDOS Mar 2005
'Ghini Run PiptolVery fast pseudo-3D racing game, in the style of OutrunDOS Mar 2005


Name Author Description OS Updated
Twigz Shattered Realm ProductionsGreat LucasArts-style adventure game engine and demoDOS Mar 2005


Name Author Description OS Updated
Spinball The CarClassic "Sonic" cloneDOS Mar 2005
Larry the Dinosaur 2 Delta CodeDinosaurs and aliens duke it outDOS Mar 2005
FoX Terminator_Z & White ShadowChallenging platformer with smooth scrolling and "chip" musicDOS Mar 2005
Commander Keen 7 Kevin WellwoodNearly complete clone of id's "Commander Keen 4"DOS Mar 2005


Name Author Description OS Updated
Ultimate Super Stack Oren BartalSuper Stack is back, bigger and betterDOS Mar 2005
Super Stack! Oren BartalUnique tetris-like game with great graphics and sound effectsDOS Mar 2005
PHAT Professional Burglar PHAT GamesInnovative and challenging puzzle gameDOS Mar 2005
Connect 4 QB WisdomDude & MarcadeFirst internet/network game for QBDOS Mar 2005
Columns KcowolfRemake of the classic Sega puzzle gameDOS Mar 2005


Name Author Description OS Updated
Lynn's Legacy cha0s & JosiahImpressive Zelda-style action RPGWindows
Aug 2006
The Griffon Legend Syn9Awesome action RPG and first major FreeBASIC gameWindows Jul 2005
The Void RibbonSoftVery polished RPG with lots of puzzlesDOS Mar 2005
Shadow of Power Master CreatingHuge action RPG with great graphics and humorDOS
Mar 2005
Ped Xing's Quest TyposoftHigh-quality action RPG with active onscreen battlesDOS Mar 2005
Mysterious Song DarkDreadTake on the role of knight Spear, and embark on a quest to discover your true identityDOS Mar 2005
Mattress Warrior DarkDreadNice "Dragon Warrior" style RPGDOS Mar 2005
Dark Quest Lachie DazdarianTop-view action battle game set in a fantasy worldDOS Mar 2005
Dark Phear CMC GamesGreat "Phantasy Star" style gameDOS Mar 2005


Name Author Description OS Updated
Star Cage Lachie DazdarianChallenging 360º top-down space shooterWindows Sep 2006
TerraScape: Breakdown Velocity Pieslice ProductionsStunning "Terminal Velocity" style space-combat gameDOS Mar 2005
Star Wrek hiteckPlay against the computer or a friend in this 360º space shooterDOS Mar 2005
Dynamic Sasha VukelichVertical hi-res space shooter with a few interesting twistsDOS Mar 2005


Name Author Description OS Updated
Arrakis Stefan HendriksRTS similar to "Dune 2" and "C&C"DOS Apr 2005
Troopers Aspect ProductionsChallenging real-time combat gameDOS Mar 2005