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Name Author Description OS Updated
Bells, Whistles, and Sound Boards (BWSB) Zilym LimmsReal-mode digital sound and music programming libraryDOS Feb 2006
DS4QB++ LithiumSound engine for QB that utilizes a BASS wrapperDOS
Feb 2006
QMIDI Jesse DorlandLibrary for QB that plays MIDIs in the background using Creative's SBMIDI driverDOS Feb 2006


Name Author Description OS Updated
rocketPACK PlasmaFile packer and support library for QB (no compression)DOS Mar 2005
OverLoader Support Library PlasmaPack all your data files onto the end of your executableDOS Mar 2005


Name Author Description OS Updated
DirectQB lilloGame programming library for QB written entirely in assemblyDOS Sep 2006
CosmoX bobbyGame and graphics programming library for QB written in assembly, similar to DirectQBDOS Feb 2006
DQBRel RelDirectQB with Rel's fast sprite routinesDOS Feb 2006
Future.Library Smoky & JordenHigh-res graphics and game library for use with QBDOS Feb 2006
RelLib RelVery fast mode 13h game programming library for QBDOS Feb 2006
UGL Blitz & v1ctorHigh-res game development library for QB, similar to AllegroDOS Feb 2006


Name Author Description OS Updated
SetVideoSeg PlasmaChanges QB's active video segment for SCREEN 13DOS Feb 2006
SuperPut PlasmaReplaces QB's graphics PUT with Rel's optimized routine that supports user-defined clipping, transparency, and flippingDOS Feb 2006
GSlib GouldSoftSmall but fast mode 13h graphics library for QBDOS Mar 2005


Name Author Description OS Updated
TextMouse PlasmaLibrary for QB that allows you to use a graphics mouse cursor in all text modes, la Impulse TrackerDOS Mar 2005


Name Author Description OS Updated
BASIC/4G v1ctorFunction library that allows use of 32-bit pmode assembly routines with QBDOS Mar 2005


Name Author Description OS Updated
IPX Send And Receive David RiceExamples for using IPX in QB via int 7AhDOS Mar 2005
DSock v1ctorWinsock-to-DOS interfaceDOS
Mar 2005


Name Author Description OS Updated
boostqb v1ctorLibrary to do things in QB that you may never have thought were possibleDOS Feb 2006
SetUsing PlasmaInternational support for PRINT USING, PRINT # USING and LPRINT USING with QBDOS Mar 2005
LoadCP PlasmaChange the codepage on the fly in QB, in text or graphics modesDOS Mar 2005
IntX PlasmaCall interrupts in QB without without CALL INTERRUPT or CALL ABSOLUTEDOS Mar 2005
CPU Detection routines GenericRoutines for QB to detect CPU type, speed and capabilitiesDOS Mar 2005