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Computer History
Covers more than 300 historic processors with information and photos. Also features a discussion forum.
Erik Klein's Vintage Computers
Site dedicated to collecting, restoring, and simply playing with old computers.
Sothius' Home of Ancient Microcomputers and Videogames
Museum of classic computers and consoles.
The Microsoft Timeline
The history of the PC, from Microsoft's perspective.
The Oldskool PC
Dedicated to old PC gaming-related nostalgia and resources. Some amazing stories here!
Vintage Computer Ads
Scans of hardware and software ads from back in the day.


Sound Card History

Digital Sound and Music in Computer Games
Great site covering audio hardware in many classic consoles and computers. MP3 music samples for a few systems.
My Soundcards Museum
Small museum of classic sound cards for IBM PCs.
Awesome site covering PC sound from the original speaker to the GUS PnP. Many photos and OGG/MP3 music samples.


Classic Computers and Consoles

Altair BASIC Annotated Disassembly
Complete annotated disassembly of Altair BASIC. Discover how to fit a BASIC intepreter in 4K with room to spare.
Books, information, and software for Atari and other classic computers.
Classic Computer Magazine Archive
HTML archive of classic computer magazines, including STart, Compute! and Whiz Kids.
DigiBarn Computer Museum
Technical evolution of computers, along with personal stories.
Game Station X
Pinouts and hardware mods for classic consoles.
Ira Goldklang's TRS-80 Revived Site
Loads of information, documentation, software, books, and more for the TRS-80.
The Old Computer Dot Com
Great site dedicated to all aspects of retro computing, collecting and gaming. Emulators and ROMs for many classic systems.
Warlock's ADF Archive
Disk images of many popular Amiga demos, making them easier to run under emulators like UAE.


Vintage Parts Suppliers

ABC Resellers
Vintage new and used computer hardware for PC-XT, AT and PS/2 computers. (Expensive, so check eBay first.)
Computer Parts Galore
Vintage Apple and PC parts. Pricey, but you aren't going to find a 386 motherboard on NewEgg...
Recycled Goods
Pre-owned, off-lease, and surplus technology assets. Some vintage, some junk.
Vintage Computing on eBay
Best place to look for vintage computer hardware bargains. Also check the general "Computers & Networking" category; many sellers don't realize they are selling vintage parts.



Screenshots, descriptions, and downloads of all your favorite DOS games.
(archived)  C:DOS Abandonware Community
Community site with huge collection of DOS games.
Commander Keen Fan Site
Excellent Commander Keen fan site with level maps for all episodes.
Over 400 freeware and shareware DOS games.
Home of the Underdogs
Dedicated to the preservation and promotion of underrated PC games, including abandoned and indie titles.
Huge database of video games and their creators, from 1977 to the present.
The Apogee FAQ
Official FAQ of Apogee and its spin-off brands such as 3D Realms and Pinball Wizards. Information and cheats for all the classic Apogee games!
(archived)  The Game Manual Archive
Over 5000 scanned video game manuals, magazines, maps and posters.
The Good Old Days
Information and screenshots of classic console and PC games.
The Official Abandonware Ring
Master list of active and updated abandonware sites.
Large collection of abandonware downloads, including operating systems, compilers, office suites, and utilities.
Vintage Sierra
Detailed documentation and photographs of all the original Sierra software.
Forum dedicated to running Very Old Games On New Systems.



Chip-8 Emulator
MS-DOS emulation of the Chip-8 System, a simple interpreter for a 4k virtual machine around in the 70's and 80's on 1802 processor based machines.
Free, open-source, multi-platform DOS emulator. Runs many classic DOS games well, with SVGA and SB/GUS support.
Glide emulation for DOS (under Windows). Supports Tomb Raider, Descent II, Blood, Screamer 2, and more.
Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, currently supporting over 5400 ROMs.
NTVDM Compatibility Drivers
Small collection of drivers and emulators to enhance DOS compatibility under Windows NT/2K/XP.
IBM PC 5150 emulator.
Universal VESA 1.2 driver for Windows 2K/XP.
Tandy Emulators
Collection of Tandy emulators.
Windows port of the UAE Amiga Emulator.
Zophar's Domain
Emulators for every system imaginable.