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Latest developments at Phat Code

It's 2023

Mon Jan 2 2023
posted by Plasma at 10:13 am

The 20s have not been very happy so far. Maybe we can turn that around.


Happy New Decade

Wed Jan 1 2020
posted by Plasma at 5:12 am

It's 2020. I'm still here. That is all.


Super PC/Turbo XT BIOS updated

Sat Oct 28 2017
posted by Plasma at 3:42 am

Thanks to Luis Felipe Antoniosi (Retro Canada) for pointing out the 5150 config switch issue.

Version 3.1 is here.


Return of the QBASIC Games Directory

Sat Feb 4 2017
posted by Plasma at 1:27 am

The massive database of QBASIC games, created and mantained by Lachie, is available once again!

It was previously hosted at, which has been offline for a couple years now. It is now available at


Back in Black (and blue)

Sat Nov 19 2016
posted by Plasma at 9:03 pm

It's been almost 9 years since an official update...but old school never dies.

I released the Super PC/Turbo XT BIOS 3.0 a couple weeks ago and I thought I should dust off the site and give it a little design facelift.

I also fixed the Scene News page and updated all the broken external links. Turns out a lot of websites move and disappear over a decade, hmm.

And...the forum is back!


EMS Magic 1.1 Released

Wed Apr 9 2008
posted by Plasma at 8:37 pm

The following features have been added in Version 1.1:

  • EMS Magic will now load itself into UMBs by default, unless the /L switch is specified. This should save
    7K conventional memory on most systems with limited free UMBs. Previously LOADHIGH was needed to load EMS Magic into UMBs, which required 64K+ free initially.
  • MAX option added to the /RAM switch. Specifying /RAM=MAX will use all available XMS for EMS.
  • /BEST switch added. This forces EMS Magic to use the "best fit" memory allocation strategy when loading, rather than the default "last fit". This is needed for some programs that expect the upper end of conventional memory to be available.

You can download the new version here.

Unless a major bug is found, this will likely be the final release. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback.



Tue Nov 13 2007
posted by Plasma at 3:39 am

I am not dead. Updates will be coming soon.

Also, we have reached 100,000+ visits. Booya.

That is all.


FlatForum 1.4 is out

Wed Dec 6 2006
posted by Plasma at 7:49 am

Grab it here. Noteable changes are:

  • Relaxed license
  • Compatible with PHP 5.x
  • Added ability for admin to edit posts
  • Added option for auto subject line (re: ...)
  • Added option to allow/disallow <code>, <b>, <i>, <u>
  • Fixed bookmarks (#) in autolinking
  • Added word filters
  • Added spambot protection
    • Encoded field names
    • Trigger phrases
    • Trap field
    • Timed forms
    • Link verification (LinkSleeve)


EMS Magic 1.0 Released!

Mon Nov 6 2006
posted by Plasma at 11:18 am

That's right, it's finally finished.


Logo changed

Sun Jun 11 2006
posted by Plasma at 9:51 pm

A couple of months ago I threw together a new logo and put it up as a test. I've decided I like it better than the old one, so I touched it up and it's staying.

I updated the 88x31 button, so if you link to Phat Code please use the updated one at: Also, the favicon has been updated, so clear your browser cache if you want to see the new one.

The tagfile (phatcode.exe) hasn't been updated yet because I'm adding some animation to it, but that should be updated soon.

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