Toshi's QuickBASIC Intro Contest (Spring 2001)

And the Winners are:

1st place:   Sancho's Monotony with 86.75 points.
2nd place:  Toshi's FX with 77 points.
3rd place:  Optimus's Into the Fight, with 74 points.
4th place: Lithium's L Intro, with 63.5 points.
5th place: Qasir's Chronic Madness, with 48.13 points.
6th place: Sane's I'm the Superhero, with 45.33* points.

* Sane would be in 5th place if Judge 4 voted in a statistically consistent way.

These were the Judging Instructions

Rate each demo's merits on a scale from 1 to 10 for each judging criteria. Run each demo twice to make sure you haven't missed anything. Don't overinflate those scores-- these aren't like school grades.

Here's the point system:

 * 3 is 'kinda weak,'   5 is 'average,'
 * 8 is 'great!'       10 is 'perfect!'
Here are the judging criteria:
1. Technical (speed, difficulty of effect) 1.........10
2. Artistic (music, fluidity, ambience) 1.........10
3. Wow and "Coolness" Factor 1.........10

Now, the final score is calculated by
        Final score = 4*Technical + 3*Artistic + 3*Coolness

Judge 4 chris (casmaster)'s comments:

"...I spent the last 2.5 hours checking out the intros and i have to say i am impressed.

Sancho kicked ass, it ran well, had the artistic quality to it and wowwed me. It had a variety of effects which was why it was graded so high

Optimus was excellent.

Toshi didnt have sound, if it did i didnt hear it.. ever. If sound was working it would have been in the 90s for sure.

Lithium was short. It only have the 2 effects really, as apposed to the several the other demos had so scores were low for that reason. However, what was done, was done well. The 3d sphere was excellent and a nice change to see with all the 2d effects everyone else was doin. Great work, but compared to the rest it just isnt enough.

Qasir was pretty good, but not extrordinary. A lot of waves to start, and then some fire, but someone else did some fire, bigger fire. The next part was cool. The 3d perspective planer thingy or somthing(i duno what its called ok?) and the star field with tiny flames on the name was neat too. It wasnt the best, and marks are showing.

Lastly Sane. Sorry, but it didnt run. I dont know why not, but when it came to marking time it didnt run. Kept saying "path not found"

I hope im not the only judge cuz Sane deserves a chance, maybe someone else saw it. Im sure i saw it run once but it doesnt now. Dont know why not, it just says path not found.

Great job guys!"


Thank you all who entered the contest! The quality of the intros was very high, and we got to see some cool new effects, as well as excellent artistic design. After we have some time to learn and grow, I hope we can have another contest soon!

--Toshi Horie, contest organizer