Toshi's Pure QB Demo Contest (Spring 2002)


  1. Up to and including 512 KB (524288 bytes) compiled standalone .EXE. No .EXE Packers!
  2. Up to 512KB of external files for tables, graphics, sound data allowed.
  3. Pure QuickBASIC source code
  4. Your entry must run on the test system.
  5. Your entry must also run in VGA-only mode using the -vga command line switch.
  6. Your entry must also run without a sound card using the -nosound switch at the command line.

Test system


For fairness, the judging will be done by members of the QB community that are not entrants and are not active in the IRC channels. If you wish to judge, please contact me at

  1. Technical (speed, difficulty of effect) (40%)
  2. Artistic (music, fluidity, ambience) (30%)
  3. Wow and "Coolness" Factor (30%)

Approved Loopholes

  1. Using GETed or BLOADed asm interrupt handlers that are executed using CALL INTERRUPT.