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Last updated Fri Apr 20 2018 at 2:06 pm EST


Version 1.05.0 released

Version 1.04.0 released

Version 1.03.0 released

Version 1.02.1 released

Version 1.02.0 released



Getting Editing Capabilities for Wiki?

Running QB64 in an Online Emulator?

Do QB64 compiled programs use more than one core for math?

What are the mtrix.cpp and mtrixx.cpp files?

Do we use the compiler included with the source code?


Pete's QB Site

New Christmas Qbasic Game: Santa's Christmas Rescue

Best QB Game Developer of All Time Tournament

Thy Dungeonman for DOS released

MMORPG fully developed in QB64 SDL w/source code and resources from Argentina!

QB64 Web Server / Scripting Language


QBASIC News archive online

Removed links to sites that are no longer active or QBasic related

Issue 9 of BASIC Gaming released

Seasons of the Year FBGD Competition launches

FreeBASIC Games Directory update