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Name Author Description OS Updated
GUSemu32 T$Gravis Ultrasound emulator for WindowsWindows Feb 2006
VDMSound VladrModular, extendable soundcard (and other "legacy" hardware) emulator for MS Windows NT/2K/XP DOS boxesWindows Feb 2006


Name Author Description OS Updated
Enhanced Draw lilloVery nice VGA paint programDOS Mar 2005
FontEdit 2.0 Sterling ChristensenUseful program for creating and editing fonts in a variety of formats, including DirectQB and Future.LibraryDOS Feb 2006
Palette Editor 2.0 PlasmaAdvanced palette editor that reads and writes Jasc, Windows RIFF, binary, and ASCII palettesDOS Mar 2005
PIXELplus 256 Chris ChadwickHigh-quality VGA sprite creation and animation suite geared towards BASICDOS Feb 2006
Screen Thief for DOS Villa SoftwareFreeware screen capture TSR for DOS that supports MDA, CGA, EGA, and VGA modesDOS Feb 2006
Videoport driver patch for VESA in NTVDM Martin SulakFixes VESA-related video issues in Windows 2000 and XPDOS
Mar 2005
VideoThief Andrew AksyonoffDOS screen capture program that supports all VGA and VESA SVGA modes, including ModeXDOS Feb 2006


Name Author Description OS Updated
EMS Magic PlasmaExpanded memory (EMS) emulator that installs as a removeable TSR and runs under DOS, Windows 9x/Me, and Windows NT/2K/XP/VistaDOS Aug 2014
List2op PlasmaConverts TASM list files to raw opcodesDOS Mar 2005
MultiLib Keven CootsEasy-to-use utility for creating and modifying libraries (*.LIB) and quicklibraries (*.QLB)DOS Feb 2006
NTOLDAPP Claus FärberWindows NT/2K/XP clipboard support for DOS programs that would use WINOLDAP in Windows 3.x/95DOS
Mar 2005
ObjRip PlasmaRips the raw code/data from OMF object filesDOS Mar 2005
QBMCX PlasmaUtility which automates command-line compiling with QuickBASIC 4.5, based on custom metacommands placed in the source codeDOS
Mar 2005
Resource Hacker Angus JohnsonFreeware utility to view, modify, rename, add, delete and extract resources in 32-bit Windows executables and resource filesWindows Feb 2006