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Beyond Logic
Serial, parallel, and USB port interfacing.
Boondog Automation
PC interfacing using custom hardware, such as homemade ISA controllers.
Bright's Information Pages
Useful information on option ROM BIOS hacking, POST readers, and home-brew ISA cards.
(archived)  Computer Controlled Systems
PCI and ISA bus information.
(archived)  DAGE Scientific: Using the Parallel Port
Low-level parallel port interfacing using QBASIC.
Great site with lots of technical articles covering electronics and computers.
Hardware Book
Computer cable and connector information.
(archived)  PHM Documentation
Miscellaneous computer and electronics information.
Schematics for Free
Various schematics and service manuals for electronic devices.
(archived)  Trumba's Electronic Page
EEPROM and ISA interfacing information.


Personal Projects

Chaos Computer
Details two homemade computers built in 1977 and 1983.
Homebrew CPU Home Page
Custom minicomputer built entirely out of 74-series TTL chips. No FPGAs here! You can even telnet into the machine and run a few programs.
The Official Site of Benjamin J. Heckendorn
Home page of a man whose hobbies include converting full-size consoles to portable systems.
Tim's Projects
Variety of interesting electronics projects, including arcade monitor interfacing.
Øivind's Electronics Page
Some interesting projects with photos including an IR-serial interface and a homemade ISA sound card!


Online Electronics Suppliers

All Electronics
Thousands of electronics and electro-mechanical parts and supplies at discount prices.
Surplus electronics and computer components.
Circuit Specialists Inc.
ISA prototyping boards, EPROM programmers, and more.
Over 500,000 components from more than 300 manufacturers. If you can't find it here, it doesn't exist.
Electronic Inventory Online
LCDs, LEDs, and hard-to-find electronic parts and components.
Mouser Electronics
Large online electronics supplier, second in selection only to Digi-Key.



FCC ID Search Page
Have a mystery motherboard or expansion card? Look up the FCC ID to find the manufacturer on this site.
Total Hardware 1999
Information and jumper settings for 18,000 devices including motherboards, expansion cards, and drives. Browse by images if you cannot identify the make or model your device.