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updated Thu Jan 1 1970

The Super PC/Turbo XT BIOS is heavily modified version of the widely-distributed "(c) Anonymous Generic Turbo XT" BIOS. It is a drop-in replacement for the IBM 5150/5155/5160 BIOS and most XT clones, including 8/10 MHz turbo systems.

Besides fixing several bugs from the Generic BIOS, many additional features have been added, including CPU/FPU detection, fast memory checking, UMB initialization, expansion ROMs in the F000-FE00 region, ROM BASIC boot option, 101-key enhanced keyboard support, and more.

All the tools required to modify and build the BIOS are included, in DOS, Windows, or Linux.


EMS Magic

updated Fri Aug 8 2014

MS Magic is an expanded memory (EMS) emulator that installs as a removable TSR and runs under DOS and Windows 9x/NTx (including XP and Vista). It provides a complete implementation of the Lotus-Intel-Microsoft (LIM) 4.0 EMS specification, including a contiguous 64K page frame.

Unlike EMM386 and NTVDM's EMM, EMS Magic will create the page frame wherever there is room, including lower memory if necessary. This allows it to provide EMS on systems where other expanded memory managers fail. EMS Magic also patches the NTVDM expanded memory manager (XMM) to support XMS 3.0 functions and fix a bug regarding free XMS reported.