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(archived)  BlueParrots
Collection of free C, C++ and assembly source code.
ClipX Norton Guides
Large collection of Norton Guides converted to HTML.
Dmitry Smaghin's Site
Source code to many different assemblers and compilers. (Beware, site is slow.)
(archived)  Inverse Reality
Many legacy (DOS) programming tutorials and references.
Programmers' Heaven
Huge programming resource with over 28,000 files, articles, and links.
Tech books for free. ;)
The HTML Swag Home Page
HTML version of SWAG (SourceWare Archive Group) from the last release on 11/29/1997. (SWAG is a collection of source code and program examples for PASCAL.)


Game Programming

AI Depot
News, knowledge and discussion for the AI enthusiast.
Amit's Game Programming Information
Collection of hobbyist game programming information. Lots of goodies on pathfinding.
Angel Code
Game development and more.
Atrevida Game Programming Tutorials
A series of articles providing an introduction to [legacy] game programming on the PC.
Daily game development news and resources.
Game Developers Refuge
Community forum for sharing game programming designs and ideas.
"Nearly every game development book published in the last several years praises as the best place on the Internet to learn about game development."
(archived)  TGLTLSBFSSP
Tutorials for graphics and other special effects. (The good-looking textured light-sourced bouncy fun smart and stretchy page)



Antoni Gual's QuickBASIC Page
Home of Antoni Gual's QB projects, including his JPEG viewer.
Arrakis / Dune II: The Maker
The official Arrakis and Dune II: The Maker website.
Dark Bit Factory Demo Code Forum
Active forum discussing demo coding using FB, among other languages.
DarkDreams Software
DarkDread's site.
(archived)  Delta Code
Very nice site by Joe King and company. Home of Larry the Dinosaur and Joe King's raycaster tutorials.
Enhanced Creations++
Home page of Angelo Mottola, of Wetspot fame.
(archived)  Fomalhaut Software Website
Quality site with a huge collection of QB games and utilities.
(archived)  FreeBASIC Blog/Games
Up-to-date FreeBASIC news and released games, complete with screenshots.
FreeBASIC Official Site
Official site of v1ctor's FreeBASIC compiler.
Genso's Junkyard II
Rel's site with his many amazing projects.
Home of the QB demogroup "hybrid."
Hamster Republic Homepage
Wacky site featuring programs by "Hamster Republic Productions."
Dedicated to QBASIC GUIs. Over 35 GUIs with reviews and screenshots.
Jocke the Beast's Homepage
Nice site with Jocke the Beast's projects, including the roguelikes Dark Woods 1 and 2.
Lachie Dazdarian
Lachie's site, featuring his great games.
Lithium's site featuring his current and past projects.
(archived)  M K Productions
Molnar Kucalaba Productions, still going strong since 1993!
(archived)  MasterMinds Software
Quality group site with some completed games by Nex and company.
Where all the old-timers hang out :P
Nukem Enterprises
Erik's projects, and one of the last remaining active QB sites.
Optimus' Lair
Home of the QB/Amstrad CPC scener Michael Kargas
Pete's QBASIC/QuickBASIC Site
Pete's back with his revamped site. 100% dynamic with loads of content. Also features the (active!) QB Express magazine.
Piptol Productions
Piptol's hangout and home of 'Ghini Run.
QB Cult Magazine
Great QB magazine. It's been discontinued, but you can still download the archives.
Modern extended BASIC programming language compatible with QB
(archived)  QBASIC Games Directory
Massive collection of QB games, with screenshots and downloads.
Center of the QuickBASIC community. (Well, the English-speaking at least :P)
Community-based RPG development website.
Great site dedicated to indie-RPGs.
(archived)  Shattered Realm Productions
Developer site with high-quality projects.
Chaoticmass' site, Software Intelligence Assembly. Run entirely by his custom explo script technology.
Stars Development Company
Hard Rock's freeware game projects (QB and C).
syn9's hideout
syn9's quality projects, including Zero GTR and The Griffon Legend.
The Mandelbrot Dazibao
Jark's stunning raytracing and fractal generation programs.
(archived)  The QBasic Station
Friendly site dedicated to helping programmers learn more about QBASIC.
Toshi's Project Page
Toshi's QB projects (find DMAplay here), along with a large collection of programming links.
(archived)  V Planet!
100% QuickBASIC/freeBASIC game review online magazine.



AndrewK / Napalm: Dreamcast
Home of dcload (loads and runs Dreamcast programs over a serial cable) as well as several useful patches for KallistiOS.
B00B! Dreamcast Research
Good site with lots of resources covering homebrew Dreamcast development. Not updated much anymore, but still helpful.
(archived)  BlackAura's Junk
Some stuff by BlackAura, including a precompiled toolchain and NTSC to PAL converter for homebrew games.
Cryptic Allusion Game Dev
Dan Potter's site featuring KallistiOS, a free development system for Dreamcast.
DC Evolution
Focuses on bringing you the best, easy to use and ready to burn Dreamcast images.
Several useful Dreamcast programs, including DreamRip. makeip, and ippatch.
Dreamcast CDRW Tutorial
Photo tutorial covering how to modify your Dreamcast to read both CD-Rs and CD-RWs.
Dreamcast Emulation
The source for Dreamcast emulation, tools, and software. Active and helpful forums.
Dreamcast "scene" news.


Operating Systems

BonaFide OS Development
Aims to provide OS developers with all the docs, tutorials, and source codes needed for them to code their own operating system.
BRiX Library
Large collection of OS programming-related links.
(archived)  The Operating System Resource Center
Another huge collection of useful information for OS or device driver development.
Some more OS information along with source code to a few OSes.


File Formats

PIF File Format
Details of the PIF file format used in various Windows versions.
(archived)  Wotsit's Format
The programmer's file format collection. Documentation on many older file formats is available here.